Call for paper Second International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities which will be held in October 4-6, 2017, Puebla, Mexico.
A Smart City is defined as a set of instruments across many scales that are connected through multiple networks and provide continuous data regarding people and environment in support of decisions about the physical and social form of the city. This process cannot be completed without technology advancements. Moreover a Smart City cannot be established without a better involvement of citizens (smart people). This conference aims at presenting novel research concerning the use of information and communication technologies in Smart Cities. The second edition intends to further strengthen the communication between senior researchers, students, developers, practitioners and citizens and to establish collaborations on new research topics.

This conference will be jointly organized by the Urban Data Management Society, ISPRS IV/10, IV/6, IV/4 and the local committee located at Puebla by the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Universidad de las Américas-Puebla (UDLAP), Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Optica y Electrónica (INAOE) and TSystems.

The UDMS ( is a pioneer in promoting information technologies in European cities from early 70s. ISPRS ( is one of the largest international organization for geospatial technologies.

Tecnológico de Monterrey, also known as ITESM, was founded in 1943 at Monterrey and today it offers about 200 academic programs including international, undergraduate, master and doctoral programs recognized and accredited by different national and international organisms.

ITESM has an international strong reputation among employers and is one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico and Latin America. There are about 85,000 students and 9000 professors distributed in 31 campuses throughout Mexico organized in seven National Faculties and 41 research laboratories.

We invite you to submit full academic papers (approximately 6,000 words) to the conference, related to the following themes:

Smart data

  • sensor network databases
  • on-the-fly data mining
  • geographic and urban knowledge modeling and engineering
  • green computing
  • Urban Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Big Databases and Data Management (noSQL)

Smart people

  •  volunteered information
  •  systems for public participation

Smart city

  • system of territorial intelligence
  • systems for intelligent management (building, transportation, energy, etc.)
  • 3D modeling of cities
  • Internet of things
  • Social Networks
  • Mobility and Transport
  • urban dashboard design and implementation
  • new style of urban decision-making systems
  • geovisualization devoted to urban problems
  • disaster management systems.

Submission link.

Accepted papers will be published in the ISPRS Archives and Annals. We aim for the highest academic standards for this conference, and therefore full papers will be blind reviewed by three members of the scientific committee.

Organising committee:

  • David Ricardo Sol Martinez, Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla, Mexico
  • Ofelia Cervantes Villagómez, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico
  • Enrique Sucar, Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, Mexico
  • David Pinto, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico
  • Juan Manuel Ahuactzin, T-Systems, Mexico

Important dates:

  • Deadline for full papers: March 31, 2017
  • Papers acceptance: April 30, 2017
  • Final paper submission: May 26, 2017
  • Conference dates: October 4-6, 2017
  • Early birth registration May 26, 2017

Scientific committee

  • Sisi Zlatanova, TU Delft, The Netherlands, Chair
  • Nader Afzalan, University of Redlands, USA
  • Giorgio Agugiaro, AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
  • Ken Arroyo Ohori, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Martina Baucic, University of Split, Croatia
  • Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Filip Biljecki, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Omar Boucelma, Aix-Marseille University, France
  • Azedine Boulmakoul, Hassan II University of Mohammedia, Morocco
  • Maria Antonia Brovelli, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • César Cárdenas, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Ofelia Cervantes, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico
  • Eliseo Clementini, University of L’Aquila, Italy
  • Volker Coors, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Germany
  • Isabel Cruz, University of Illinois, USA
  • Maria Luisa Damiani, University of Milan, Italy
  • Philippe De Maeyer, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Vincenzo Del Fatto, Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy
  • Claire Ellul, University College London, UK
  • Gilles Gesquiere, Claude Bernard University of Lyon, France
  • Gerhard Groeger, IGG, Bonn University, Germany
  • Eberhard Gülch, HFT Stuttgart, Germany
  • Jan-Henrik Haunert, Universität Bonn, Germany
  • Thomas Hatzichristos, SPReD, Greece
  • Stephen Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Martin Kada, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
  • Snjezana Knezic, University of Split, Croatia
  • Mila Koeva, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Robert Laurini, INSA Lyon, France
  • Ahmed Lbath, University of Grenoble, France
  • Marguerite Madden, University of Georgia, USA
  • Ed Manley, University College London, UK
  • Viviana Mascardi, University of Genova, Italy
  • Damir Medak, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Marco Minghini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Raul Monroy, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Regina Motz, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
  • Beniamino Murgante, University of Basilicata, Italy
  • Marco Painho, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dimos Pantazis, TEI of Athens, Greece
  • Dev Paudyal, USQ, Australia
  • Luis Pineda, IIMAS, UNAM, Mexico
  • Alenka Poplin, Iowa State University, USA
  • Jose Alberto Quintanilha, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Ivana Racetin, FGAG, Croatia
  • Stephane Roche, Université Laval, Canada
  • Massimo Rumor, University of Padua, Italy
  • Maribel Yasmina Santos, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
  • Sylvie Servigne, INSA-Lyon, France
  • Carissa Slotterback, University of Minnesota, USA
  • David Sol, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Wei Tu, Shenzhen University, China
  • Genoveva Vargas Solar, CNRS, France
  • Kavita Vemuri, IIITH, India
  • Agnès Voisard, Freie Universität Berlin and Fraunhofer, Germany
  • Mingshu Wang, University of Georgia, USA
  • Bev Wilson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • Claudia Yamu, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Alexander Zipf, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Sisi Zlatanova, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands
Call for paper Second International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
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